BCPS Theatre

Who we are

Live theatre is an artform unlike any other. It is entertaining, emotional, and meaningful for both audience members and participants. It creates long-lasting memories and teaches life lessons. The Bay City Public Schools Theatre Department is proud to further these traditions, impacting our students and audiences in a positive way. With a combined program featuring the talented students of Bay City Central and Bay City Western, as well as a middle school program at T.L. Handy, BCPS Theatre excels at upholding its four pillars: opportunity, passion, community, and education.


BCPS Theatre fulfills the Bay City Public Schools standard by striving to offer many exceptional opportunities in the theatrical arts. Our opportunities include:

  • Two high school shows, one at Central and one at Western, where students from both schools have the chance to perform, join tech crew, or join the orchestra.

  • One summer show, alternating between Central’s and Western’s stage, where students from both schools and alumni of the program have the chance to perform, join tech crew, or join the orchestra.  

  • One middle school show, at T.L. Handy, where students get an early opportunity to experience theatre.

  • Trips to New York City and Chicago, giving students a chance to experience theatre at the professional level.  

"Making these trips available to alumni is the kind of thoughtful act that makes me appreciate BCPS Theatre so much. These opportunities were not available when I was in high school, but I am beyond appreciative that this program forms a community where I am welcome to return for experiences like the New York and Chicago trips." 

BCC Alumnus

"These trips were a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and it was all thanks to BCPS Theatre. Being with friends and exploring a totally different world filled with Broadway shows and music is a time I will never forget. I will cherish these memories forever." 

BCW Student


BCPS Theatre brings together students who share a passion for performance and technical theatre. This passion unites Central and Western students who share a love of theatre. Students at Handy can discover this passion early on through their yearly show.

"Theatre will always have a special place in my heart as it not only gives me an escape from the real world, but it has also given me friendships that will last a lifetime. I will forever be grateful for the experiences that have opened up for me because of my love for theatre." 

BCW Student

"The importance of theatre in my life cannot be understated. It is my life line. And BCPS Theatre's role has been life changing. I've been able to make so many friends that I will have for many years to come. The program has given me the courage to pursue this business as a career." 

BCC Student


BCPS Theatre creates a community where every member, past and present, is welcome to participate in something they love. We are thrilled when alumni remain a part of the community, returning to volunteer or share their knowledge. The community continues to grow as our students form long-lasting friendships with each successful production.

"Tech Crew is amazing because it allows you to be backstage, participating in the show making process, making sure everything runs smoothly, and helping make what's happening on stage possible." 

BCC Student

"When I was in high school, my contributions to theatre were through performance. Being able to return to the community and work with the tech crew on a production renewed my appreciation for the technical side of theatre. Without the tech crew, productions would be impossible." 

BCC Alumnus


BCPS Theatre provides students with a high-quality education in the theatrical arts. We educate students on the performance and technical aspects of theatre, as well as what theatre looks like after high school.

"By so many respected alumni coming back to BCPS Theatre, I, as well as many other current students, have new role models to look up to. These people have given me new knowledge about the stage, performance, and even daily life that I will forever find useful in my craft and in day-to-day activities." 

BCW Student

"Tech Crew introduced me to great friends I will remember and taught me skills I will use for a lifetime." 

BCW Student

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